DUI – Can I Beat This DUI?

DEFINITELY! Our experienced DUI attorneys will explore a wide range of potential defenses, including:

Blood-alcohol concentration (BAC). Chemical tests to determine alcohol content present a variety of defenses. Many tests are not specific, they register many chemical compounds as alcohol. The ratio for converting breath alcohol to blood alcohol varies greatly from person to person. Even radio frequencies can interfere with a test. We have the expertise to challenge these test results.

Implied consent warnings. The arresting officer must properly inform you of the consequences of refusing a breath, blood or urine test. Failure to do so could result in exclusion of the test results in your criminal and DMV cases.

License suspension hearings. We can raise a number of separate issues at your DMV hearing.

Miranda Warnings. An arresting officer must read you your Miranda rights or face losing any incriminating statements you make.Operation. In addition to proving intoxication, the prosecutor must also prove that you were driving. This may be difficult in some instances, including unwitnessed accidents.

Probable cause. If the police officer lacked a legal reason to stop you, any evidence obtained after the traffic stop may be suppressed or inadmissible. We have had significant experience challenging probable cause issues involving sobriety roadblocks or checkpoints.

Regulation of blood-alcohol testing. The arresting officer must use properly calibrated and tested equipment when conducting BAC testing, and the prosecutor must prove the state standards were met in your test.

Retrograde extrapolation. This complex process is used to interpret test results taken hours after your arrest to determine your BAC at the time you were driving.

Testing during the absorptive phase. Chemical tests can be skewed if taken while you are still absorbing alcohol; it usually takes 30 minute to 3 hours to fully absorb alcohol.

“Under the influence.” An officer’s interpretation of field sobriety exercises is subjective and can be challenged with testimony from other witnesses.

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Can I Beat This DUI?
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